Final Portfolio Entry

1. As an intervener my biggest strength would be discerning what ideals of life needs to have more attention and an attention shift brought onto it. In one of my posts where I talked about how community colleges needs to be paid more attention to in the kinds of education that they are teaching their students. There needs to be an attention shift from the four-year institutions to two-year institutions and the level of difficulty needs to be heightened at community colleges. As for a weakness with being an intervener I would say that I need to improve upon keeping an open mind when people tell me things so I can experience new things in my life with an open mind which will lead to less anomalies in my life. Many of my blog posts talked about going to a new area and having a name in my head of what people have told me about the area and then being completely taken aback once I got there and facing an anomaly.

2. I would have to say that these blog posts helped me learn most about interpersonal and social intervention. I have never had to analyze experiences in my life through the RSI model and write about them after they happened to me. This self-reflection helped me see life in a whole new way and through a whole new lens. The least helpful assignments were probably the reading quizzes after each chapter because I feel that there should have been big tests rather than small little quizzes because it felt a little too much like high school with weekly quizzes.

3. As a PR major I am going to have to think outside of the box and very creatively with a team to come up with new ways pf promoting clients and after dealing with this class and learning a whole new way of looking at experiences I think that thinking creatively and differently will be much easier for me now. Also, working in groups to take these weekly quizzes is also a greta idea that you had because many of the communication jobs that we all have in our future and pretty much every job for everyone, people need to learn how to effectively work in groups.

4. Going into this class I thought this was going to be another one of those boring and traditional interpersonal communication classes where we talked about an in depth analysis of communication between two people. I was happily mistaken when I found out that it was the special topics of communication and it really had nothing to do with what I thought we were going to learn about. My views of interpersonal and social intervention have changed tremendously because I did not know that there was so much more to interpersonal communication than my preconceived notions. As for social intervention, I had never really thought about those words together that much. But after taking this class I can see the many social interventions that happen all around me on a daily basis and I can be more aware of them when these interventions are trying to teach me something or shift my power, need or attention from one thing to another.

5. The RSI model is very relevant and useful in my own experiences. I have done a lot of new, interesting and cool things aside from enrolling in a new school and being able to analyze them through this model has helped me better understand myself and the world around me. Learning this model has intervened in my life because it gave me a new lookout and viewpoint of my surroundings. I would have never seen nor understood DuPont Circle, New York City or Charlottesville the same way if I had not known about the RSI model. All in all, learning about these new concepts intertwined with the RSI model have given me a new appreciation and knowledge on the interventions that are happening all around me and how shifts in attention, need and power sometimes need to be taken place in order for some things to change for the better.